The site of Asya Ardova welcomes you!

And now 'tis doomed to know the worst,

and break at once, or yield to song.

Byron. "Hebrew Melodies" — the site of ASYA  ARDOVA, i.e. myself, is created for independent art, able to rejoice hearts and to stir human minds.

Any artist, or scientist has the burning necessity to be witnessed and heard, but not only by just close circle of friends. Therefore the map of my site is called forth to summon up interesting ideas worth to be known all over the world.

Here are the branches of my site:

I am a pianist and my piano skill reigns on the ardisonata page ardSOUND.

 CAREER. In this item I represent my biography the way it is registered in British and American Who's Who Dictionaries.

MY WAY TO MUSIC (Contemplations, Posters). Here I'd like to remember the chronicle of my most significant performances and to share some of my contemplations to music. Of course, my full scientific thoughts and musicological statements are expounded in my articles on the page MUSICOLOGY.

PHILOLOGICAL MISCELLANEA. This item describes the other field of my activity. That is the language in human life.

NEWS. I'll tell about my own view to some cultural events, I happen to be involved in. Concerts, conferences, publications and new material at the

The page MY ADVICE is about modern music of the 20th - 21st centuries.

The page HISTORY reveals clear and vague connections between real events and artistic trends.

The page  PHOTO ARTICLES is the collection of my poetic and prosaic sketches with photo experiences.

The page  PSYCHOLINGUISTIC RESEARCHES, where I analyze phenomena, traditionally familiar to everyone, being accepted as undeniable and postulated as positive.

Click onto the  ODDS and ENDS and you'll get to the backstage of my

I’d like to express my gratitude to Sergei Khomenko, conducting this web-site from 2009. is being created and supported byWWW.PCF1.RU computer company.


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