A Bit About Myself

First of all I'd like to introduce my biography, which is closely, and even inseparably, connected with really vital landmarks of my activities.

ARDOVA Asya Lazarevna, b.11 October 1972, St.Petersburg, Russia.

Professions and predestinations

Musician, philologist, publisher, author of the site


Diploma with Honours, Music College at the Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatoire, StPetersburg


Diploma with Honours, Pedagogical Hertsen University, StPetersburg





Concertmaster at the University, music school at the classes of vocal, winds, violin, brass and choreography


Managing secretary at the Association of Modern Music


Editorial board manager at the Compozitor Publishing House - StPetersburg


Scientific works in Russian:

‘Along Avante-garde with Firtich’,manuscript;
"Monograph About Boethius" together with Lazar Ardov, manuscript

Scientific works in Russian and English translated herself:

Synopses to Patlayenko,Slonimsky, Smorgonskaya, Firtich, Tchaikovsky, Mosolov etc. published by the Compozitor StPetersburg;Brochures ‘Georgiy Firtich’, ‘Boris Arkhimandritov’

Translations to English:

‘Petersburg. Music. The 18th century’, ‘Petersburg. Music. The 19th century’, ‘Petersburg. Music. The 20th century’, trilogy of albums published by the Compozitor -St.Petersburg to the Tercentenary of St.Petersburg;
 Letters of Dmitri Dmitriyevich Schostakovich to Boris Ivanovich Tishchenko;
scientific synopses to the edition of J. S.Bach's Ubung.Volume I, Flute Sonatas, Cantata ‘Mein Herze Schwimt im Blut’; educational aid on guitar ‘Journey to the Guitar Isle’ etc.

Concert activity:

Performances connected with new editions presentations

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