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MUSIC KALEIDOSCOPE Chamber Music Concert April 29, 2010, the Composers’ House

Listen to the soundtrack  Poddubny.Sonata-phantasia for piano performed by Asya Ardova on the page ardSOUND of


That concert was organized as the collection of different contemporary styles. I was asked to represent avant-garde and to perform Sonata-phantasia for piano by S. Poddubny. Contemporary authors are able in general to depict this style by means of note graphic, however, they are very often afraid to embody innovations on the concert stage, lest their authoritative mature colleagues condemn their prestigious and shameful adherence to the avant-garde. Performers are forced by imploring composers to use only traditionally approved means straight before the concert. All of them should understand that the avant-garde nature is neither evil, nor decoration – this is flesh and blood of contemporaneity already for the whole century, the only way of modern mind’s expression.


  S. Poddubny hurried to reject his own music and my interpretation after the concert. 


Meanwhile, I embodied my art and there were listeners, who caught and enjoyed my conception.


Sonata-phantasia is interpreted by me as the true kaleidoscope of nowadays. Imaginative spheres of avant-garde are really too insubstantial. Diversity of neighbouring psychological states is the principle of any avant-garde sonata construction. Although outward textural account seems rather senseless, it conceals and sometimes reveals fruitful scale of contradictory purports. Every delicate invasion is disclosed and hedonically manifested; every idea is getting its fleshly pleasure. Being now awkward, now astonishing, the avant-garde music appeals to life for life’s sake only. Even far ancestors are existing anew in their twins of nowadays.


Let’s watch miraculous life fluctuations in Israel, this birth-place of modern psychological technologies and humanity itself.


Ruins of ancient Zippori is the mysterious place, where historic strata are mingled and welded. Tender face of a noble woman called Zippori Gioconda charms and allures our hearts. This is the floor mosaic of old Roman villa referring to the very first centuries A. D. IMG_1612


Quite the opposite female nature – joyful and touching lassie by the modern artist - makes us enjoy life at the Jaffo Bridge. IMG_1726


Returning to the Zippori archeological discoveries, we find the street, where stones with Menorah are located in front of the Bacchus temple:


 IMG 1621                                                         


 Orpheus belonged to Bacchus adherents. Here he is playing his harp, finding abode in old mystic Zippori:




Perhaps, the harp of Zippori Orpheus is on the same wavelength with this digital guitar, belonging to our contemporary, whose flat is occasionally located on the top of the Zion Mountain in Jerusalem: IMG_1073



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