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INEXHAUSTIBLE SPRING AND PRIMAVERA INCANTATION. Sonatina by S. Poddubny interpreted by Asya Ardova (piano)

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Pictures of Philadelphian spring are fulfilled by Yuri Minkin.  

Enjoy the sloping green descents,

The meadows trampled of my roaming vacation,

Cool shades of limes and maples’ boisterous tents —

They are akin to inspiration.

                               A. S. Pushkin. To Brownie

                             (Translated to English by Asya Ardova)



What is sonatina? Usually this is a model of a classical sonata, but in miniature construction. Poddubny’s Sonatina is a true canvas with its apex falling to the second movement Lamento — most elaborated and striking one.

What is the idea of Poddubny’s Sonatina for piano? The author conceived its imaginative sphere as some Nature apotheosis, i. e. forests, fields, cozy landscapes. Isn’t it a burning problem nowadays? This sweet and heart-rending pantheistic idea is close to Hasidic outlook, when sense is sharpened and stirred, and anxious to be quenched, or satiated with every sound of a spring and hovering birdie’s trills.

The first movement is about spring songs — some Primavera incantation, something from ancient folklore.

 willow min сcorrected

These broad sevenths — intervals, that are ready to enter some new tonality, or endless chain of tonalities. Space is getting broadened, tearing the vault of heaven. Inexhaustible spring and Primavera incantation.

Lamento is not sad at all.

DSCF4119 - Copy

It’s nourished with warmth, sensuality and simulated melancholy, it fondles and caresses, but you smile and burst into some laughter of relief instead of crying. 

Euphoric Toccata is hot-tempered.

DSCF4149 - Copy

Is it from some pagan world, or maybe dissonant euphoric nine chords turn this pastorale to Hasidic eagerful self-forgetful amalgamation with the Holy Spirit, dancing together with wizards?

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