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EXTRO and INTRO VERSES. Psychological Experiences by Asya Lazar ARDOVA


Psychological Experiences by Asya Lazar Ardova




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Respected psychologists may hardly confess that no methods worked out by great masters of mentality are effective, when you meet any human being face to face and you have to make him express his nature by means of art.

This is the Art itself, where the collection of remedies is hidden, and where you have to search.

Both instrumental music and poetry are much more explosive than any other genre. Neither composer, nor poet may calculate, what is going to be on the point of outcome.

The field of our contemplations will be the 19th century as the intermediate apex age that has broken the world of restricted definitions of the 18th century and led to rational curiosity of the 20th century. The 21st century is the absolute realm of interpreter, reigning over dramaturgy and even melodious line, imparting his nerve to the whole structure.





Extroversive art


If a poem about sadness were intended only for to impart its author’s sadness to us,

it would be most sad for the Art.

Lev Vygotsky



Anastasia Usanova. Country woman. Photo from the exhibition of the Arts Academy.


Taking for granted, that generations of people repeat their family scenario, let’s remember, that philosopher Moses Mendelssohn was the first to sign the role of individuality, the reasonable will serving for liberty on the benefit of human objectives. The society of his grandson’s contemporaries and just friends were famous Davidsbündlers, strong vigorous lads, full of energy and true scale of overwhelming senses.


Those were healthy emotions of open reasonable young men, able to express their reaction to circumstances without confusing covers of medieval legends and embarrassment. Bitterly sarcastic sincerity in everything was Mendelssohn’s credo, as Heinrich Heine’s moving confessions – their vigorously desperate attitude to life.

Heine OK




When in love just for the first time

Verses by Heinrich Heine

Translated to English by Asya Ardova


When in love just for the first time,

Though suffering – he’s the Lord.

When in love the second time

And is crashed – he is a Fool.

I am a loving fool, I’m injured,

And again is not responded.

All the planets burst in laughter,

I am laughing, badly wounded.






introversive art



Praying woman. Photo from the exhibition of the Arts Academy.



There is no love – there are things proving it does exist.

Do not blame the Time.

People just believe in somebody and do not feel it. When they stop believing, they notice their idol is crashed.

Then they call this idol a traitor.

Paola Volkova



The Spanish poet Gustavo Domingues Bastida, alias Becquer, considered himself to have been the follower of Heinrich Heine. Here it should be mentioned, that the division to extro- and intro- states refers straightly to artifacts and may exist as parallel attitudes to psyche in any poet’s (or other men of art’s) manner.


 Becquer Domigues


I snore with winds and fires

Verses by Gustavo Becquer

       Translated to English by Asya Ardova

I snore with winds and fires,

I thunder with the torrent?

I blaze with dazzling lightnings

I rattle, when it’s stormy.

I am the bridge in heaven,

I am the flame in darkness,

I am the sounding stair

Inside the cold silence.

At last, I am the essence –

That ever-pulsing spirit.

I’m clad in poet’s dressing.

My passions won’t fear it!




The Spanish art of the 19th century is introversive, being wholly descriptive by its nature. Emotions are hidden behind some effective turns, folklore motives. Supposedly introversive senses are so stormy as to be too strong for the accepting side (listeners, spectators and readers), so artists clad them in archetypical expressive devices, for to protect us from their real power.

Actually Bécquer initiated the future Renacimiento in music, the singer of which was Isaac Albéniz.

Albeniz OK





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