Water all over the world

Listen to the soundtrack DEBUSSY. “REFLETS DANS L’EAU”   performed by Asya Ardova at the page ardSOUND of ardisonata.net

Water all over the world has become the subject of this exposition.

Every raindrop reflects light as iridescently as the whole sea does. Every single sound is satiated with overtones as abundantly as the whole orchestra is.

Impressionists were allured by the similarity between nature substances and their depiction in music.

Debussy’s “Reflets dans l’eau” (“Water Reflections”) performed by Asya Ardova reminds the kind of scrupulous scientific investigation, as if reality itself has been recorded here. Everything will be present in this soundtrack – now dew bast-baskets, now the rustle...

The following photo-suite will take you all over the Earth. We’ll visit Pennsylvania (USA) together with Yuri Minkin, and then I’ll take you to Israel and Italy.



Yuri MINKIN manages to embody impressionistic tendency by means of his photo-art.


1. Circles on the water surface. What is transparent stillness awakened by?


2. Frail autumnal ice is able to reflect the forest nearby.


3. Timbered bank. What timbre does it sound?


4. Raindrops are not dissolving on the water surface.


5. Abstract graphic art. Indian ink, pencil and watercolour.


6. Window-pane after rain and blue sky.


7. Candied ice and blue sky.



These picturesque nature scenes were made on the banks of the Pennypack Creek that flows in Pennsylvania (USA). “Silent, dead water” means its name in the language of Delaware Indians, inhabitants of that environment, who call themselves Lenape tribe, “the true people”.

The “dead” river Penny is far from the Dead Sea, but something seems to connect them, beside the water element. Maybe one of 10 Israelite tribes, lost long ago somewhere on the Earth?

Let’s visit Israel, birthplace of 12 legendary tribes.


Dead Sea

8. Salt vapours and remains in the air above the oily water. Dead water occurs to be the water of life.


9. Still tender water. Border of crystals divides it from the sand.


10. The Dead Sea is the heart of Judean Desert. Ancient scrolls are found on its shores.



Red Sea in Eilat

11. Windy evening. Warm exhalation of the rippling sea. Its water is satiated with silver; hence its surface has enigmatic features of a magnifying glass.


12. The bridge is like naval gate to the open sea.



Mediterranean Sea in Netanya

13. Just the sail.


14. The sea is fondling curly Netanya sand-shore.


15. Tide. Wave flowing in the shore.


16. Real storm.


17. Northern breath reached Netanya, perhaps from the Adriatic Sea.



Adriatic Sea

18. Struggle between the sea and the sky: which waves are more anxious?


19. Emerald water near Venice.


20. Channel in Venice.


21. Street in Venice.


22. Adriatic Sea is getting urban shape amongst Venetian architecture.



Tyrrhenean (Etruscan) Sea

23. This Italian town Nettuno, named in honour of the majestic Roman sea-god Neptune, lies on the ancient Etruscan land. This people’s history is as stirring as the one of 10 Israelite tribes. Having enriched human culture they left the puzzle of where they came from and where they are living nowadays.


24. Bay of Naples at sunset.


25. Vesuvio seems to reign here. The rip rakish sea obeys the sleeping Volcano, lest it should be awaken and start breathing quite of a sudden...






















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