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 S. Poddubny. Sonatina for piano performed by Asya Ardova (piano)

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I, Sergey Nikolayevich Poddubny, give this permission to  Asya Lazarevna Ardova.

I ask Asya Ardova to perform my Sonatina for piano, to make an audio recording of her interpretation and to publish this artifact at the site ardisonata.net — personal site of Asya Lazarevna Ardova.

Asya Ardova. Jehudah Kevesh’s Parasonata. Performed by Asya Ardova (piano)

Jehudah permission

This is what Jehudah Kevesh wrote on the title-page of the musical manuscript given to me as a present: “I, Jehudah Kevesh, allow Ms Asya Lazarevna Ardova to interpret this composition and to perform it in concerts and to publish it at her personal site ardisonata.net”.

Keen necessity of addressing to Jehudah Kevesh’s music came to me, when Lazar Ardov and I were preparing the chapter “John and Jesus — Forerunner and Messiah” of the serial article-investigation “Florence and John the Baptist — Son of Israel” at the page History of my site ardisonata.net.

However, Jehudah’s music liberated my own feelings. Therefore, resorting to his themes, I composed the soundtrack ARDOVA Asya. Jehudah Kevesh’s Parasonata (page ardSOUND of the ardisonata.net) connected with the revived story from the Bible and two Jews, prophets of Israel, doomed to become the heroes of the Humanity itself.






Back cards LinkinPreparing the article “Queen of Spades — Magic Spell” (page Contemplations of ardisonata.net), I decided to buy the patch of playing cards in one of the St. Petersburg City Malls. My attention was drawn to the design of Chris Garcia and Joey Hamilton from the Club Tatoo founded once by Chester Bennington, soloist of the Linkin Park. The patch was bought by me and adduced in my article as the example of contemporary art.

The song “Given Up” by Chester Bennington, soloist of the Linkin Park (piano arrangement by Tony Dao) is performed by me inside the soundtracks on the page ardSOUND  of ardisonata.net:

1. “Queen of Spades — Magic Spell" (ardisonata),where I suggest  Linkin Park, Irish Dump of the 15th century, Gretry, Halevy, P. Tchaikovsky . Performed by Asya Lazar Ardova (piano)


2. “Queen of Spades — Magic Spell" (Linkin Park, Irish Dump of the 15th century, Gretry, Halevy). Performed by Asya Lazar Ardova (piano)


3. “Queen of Spades — Respawn Points"( P. Tchaikovsky and Linkin Park). Performed by Asya Lazar Ardova (piano)


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